Release of Tax Information –

Click Here for information regarding the release of tax information

Retirement Tools –

Click Here for a overview of the various employer sponsored retirement plans available.

The National Retirement Planning Commission has an excellent website that provides great information including a Retirement Calculator and a number of interesting studies. And the program is endorsed by Ben Stien!
The National Association for Variable Annuities at offers some good information promoting this industry’s products. But don’t get the two websites confused.
Whether you consider Social Security as supplemental retirement income, a second-tier wage-based method of raising revenue or a Ponzi scheme visit their website. The SSA has done an excellent job of providing a large amount of good information. Hint: if you have a question not covered in the FAQ section call your local office.

Taxpayer Information –

Our favorite Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, has a valuable website. If you need general information (Publications), specific help for filing returns (Forms); statistics on taxpayer filings and collections or you want to review specific tax law changes or pending legislation this is your best resource.. If you are starting a business follow the links on the left of the web-page for helpful information. You can even apply for and receive your Employer Identification Number online.
The State of Washington’s Department of Revenue has all the information you need to register your new business online, electronically file your business excise tax returns and this site includes some industry specific tax guides that are quite helpful to the business owner.
And let’s not forget our friendly neighbors in Oregon. and California

Other Government Agencies –

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant, verifying a licensee or interested in the role of the Washington State Board of Accountancy in regulation of the profession?
Washington’s Senate and House of Representative enact laws that impact business operating in the State and people who live throughout the great Northwest. You can track the progress of current legislation, link to the State’s Rules (WAC’s) and Laws (RCW’s) or contact your representative in Olympia.